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This is a moderated usability test for Tentrr.com a campsite booking website. I am ____ and will be the moderator of this test. And my teammates ____ & ____ will be the observers. Now before we begin I have some information for you and I am going to read it to make sure that I cover everything.

We are asking people to try using this website to see whether it works as intended. We are not testing your abilities, we are just testing the website and how usable it is. You can do anything wrong here. We will ask you to perform some tasks and might ask you some questions after each of them. Feel free to speak out any thoughts in the middle of the testing.

We are going to record the screen and our conversation. The data will only help us to improve the website and this won’t be shared beyond us. Do you agree to give us the permission? Do you have any questions for us before we start?

Ice Breaker Questions

  1. What is your experience with camping?
  2. What do you look for when you use an online booking service?
  3. What is your ideal camping destination?

(Do not use ctrl+F)

Scenario 1

You want to camp with your partner next weekend, on a budget.

  1. Find a campsite in California with the lowest price during next weekend without bringing any gear. (ans: NorCal Red Dog Ridge Base Camp) Confidence level

  2. Your partner suggested that they prefer somewhere in Virginia. Find out the campsite that is closest to the sea. (ans: Creek Side)

    Follow-up questions

Confidence level

Scenario 2

User Name: [email protected] Password: Linux@123$

You just booked a campsite which requires approval from the campsite owner. You decided to add more details about you on website.

  1. Update information to show you are an experienced camper and really love camping.

    Confidence level

Scenario 3

Your friend recommended the Indian Cove Pure Gold camp to you. You want to explore this campsite before reservation.

  1. Find the Indian Cove Pure Gold camp. Confidence level

  2. Could you get an extra tent at this campsite?


  3. For future ID check, update your birthday information Confidence level

Scenario 4

You are a farm owner and want to make more money. You realize that you can rent your farm site for campers on Tentrr.

  1. Find out the average night rate when you list your site as a Tentrr Signature site.

    Follow-up questions

  2. Apply for listing your farm as a campsite on Tentrr. (stop them after they finding the application page) Confidence level

Closing Activity

  1. Will you be able to find your ideal campsite using Tentrr?- Probe why/why not
  2. Do you like the experience that Tentrr provides when you tried to book a campsite?


Can you help us complete this survey? (Choose the participant)

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. Your participation will help us better understand this website. Do you have any questions for me before the test end?